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About the Temple

The Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center

ISKCON Temple of Detroit(Devasadan Mandir).

Inspired by the spiritual teachings of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Alfred Brush Ford(great-grandson of Henry Ford) and Elisabeth Reuther Dickmeyer(daughter of United Auto workers President, Walter Reuther) jointly purchased the Fisher Estate in 1975 as the site for the Bhaktivendanta Cultural Center.

The Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center features an extraordinary exhibit of India's timeless heritage with a magnificient traditional Vedic Temple and an elaborate multimedia presentation combining exquisite sculptures with state of the art audio visual technology. A fine art gallery displays classical and contemporary paintings and art objects illustrative of the enlightened teachings of Indian philosophical thought.

The twenty five foot high ceilings of the art gallery and grand ballroom, along with the meticulously restored residential rooms, offer a further glimpse of a splendor seldom seen today. Situated on 4 acres of formal gardens, adorned with pools, fountains and roving peacocks, the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center stands as one of Detroit's most impressive and worthwhile attractions.

The ISKCON temple of Detroit is also called the "Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center".
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